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Homage to Hitchcock - To Catch A Thief (1955)

I won’t belabor why TCAT is on this list, and again, Academy Award Nominee, Foreign Correspondent is not. Two words.

Grace Kelly.

That is all.

The leading lady in Foreign Correspondent? The underrated Laraine Day, who is an excellent actress and had to turn down roles in both Sorry, Wrong Number and It’s a Wonderful Life. We know what happened to Barbara Stanwyck and Debbie Reynolds. But what happened to Laraine Day?

And everyone knows the tragically wonderful life (ahem) of Princess Grace. 

To the movie.

Cary Grant . . . what? Who? The leading man to end all leading men, is the leading man. He’s Robey, the cat burglar, out of jail and on the straight and narrow. If so, who is stealing precious jewelry along the French Riviera if not Robey?

And who cares?

What you will care about is the seductively aggressive kiss administered by the outrageously beautiful Grace Kelly just as the door to her hotel room shuts with Cary on the outside and Grace on the inside.

But not for long.

A night or two later, the best looking couple in the universe starts a mean make-out session just as fireworks explode over Cannes, Nice, St. Tropez and Ville Franche. And a day or two later the same embarrassingly beautiful duo have a picnic, and food is not the tastiest menu item.

Well, the thief is caught eventually. I won’t give it away, but let’s just say whoever it is looks outstanding in tight pants.

Onto another Hitchcock iconic scene in North By Northwest (1957). Cary Grant outruns a crop dusting plane.

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