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Homage to Hitchcock - Rope (1948)

Updated: Jul 22, 2018

Let the Foreign Correspondent pig pile continue. Rope, a commercial failure by any measure, is also not a well-known a film in the Hitchcock canon. Don’t care. It’s genius if only in the SUCCESSFUL execution of a gimmick Hitch had wanted to try.

Shooting a full-length feature in ONE TAKE. 

For those of you who have either toiled in, or continue to toil in, the business known as film production, you all know how difficult it is to even get a commitment phobe like a director to even DO a take, let alone approve one.

And Hitch set out to make a movie based on one long, 80 to 90 minute continuous, no breaks, take.

And yes, film rolls, shot at standard speeds, only last 10 to 11 minutes. Understood.

Despite all this, Rope is a one long, 80 to 90 minute continuous, no breaks, MOVIE.

Farley Granger and Jon Dahl, two, ahem, confirmed bachelors, decide they’re going to commit the perfect murder. They kill a neighborhood boy; stuff his still warm body into a steamer trunk; and then use the steamer trunk as a table upon which to host a buffet dinner party! 


They also invite Jimmy Stewart to the dinner party, WHO HAPPENS TO BE AN NYPD DETECTIVE!

Yikes again!

As you can imagine, like the famous Leopold-Loeb murder case in 1920s Chicago, the entire thing unravels … BUT IN ONE CONTINUOUS TAKE.


A bit of a chronological break in the action before Strangers on a Train (1951) comes your way.

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