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A Happy Ending

This is not an excerpt from Try Not to Annoy the Kangaroo. If it were, it would involve finding one of the following above-the-line dweebs in a massage parlor when they should have been reviewing a storyboard, or finding their way to set.

1. A substance abusing Director of Photography who didn't feel that $5000/8 was a good enough rate to warrant his/her undivided attention.

2. Anyone from England.

3. A Director more interested in virtue signaling their Liberal credentials to the crew as opposed to actually moving the day forward. The virtue signaling usually involves finishing any dependent clause with " . . . and is it all George Bush's fault? Of course it is." Cue clapping seals in the crew.

No, this posting is known in the blogosphere as a "Transition Post."

I am here to tell you that I got an agent for Try Not to Annoy the Kangaroo! Yes, it's true. Someone with actual juice found the book as hysterically funny as I did, and will now attempt to convince an editor and a publisher to feel the same way. Or at least to convince them there is money to be made off my recollections.

We shall see. Finding an agent is just one more step in a very long journey. So far so good. I will keep you all apprised.

Onto the transition.

I have a novel I've been shopping. The title is The Google Earth Murders, It is about a Jack the Ripper copycat attempting to duplicate the Whitechapel killings of 1888. But this time, Jack 2.0 as the press dubs him, isn't slaughtering prostitutes. The victims are millennials, the new urban blight. As one agent who summarily rejected the book said, "Is Jack the good guy in the book?"

Perhaps, depending on your point of view.

I am going to serialize the first part of the book. The feedback I've gotten is that there is not enough suspense and the action moves too quickly. This is shocking to me because people have the attention span of, well, millennials and the depth of, well, millennials. I don't see a lot of HP Lovecraft flying off the shelves, or being downloaded to Kindle. Stephen King and James Patterson is more the order of the day.

Therefore, would love to get some specific feedback from those of you who have been diligent in reading Try Not to Annoy the Kangaroo excerpts.

The first chapter will be posted on Wednesday the 12th. Subsequent chapters every week, again on Wednesdays. I'll serialize the first 60 pages of the book.

Many thanks, again, to those of you who read the excerpts. Your input was both encouraging and helpful.

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