An American real estate developer buys Dracula's Castle with plans to turn it and the surrounding area into Europe's most popular theme park destination called "DracuLAND."

Events go sideways quickly, particularly when initial construction unearths several, uh, occupants of the area who were probably best left undisturbed. 

This lovely little tale of Good versus Evil soon becomes a battle for dominion of the entire world, or does it?





A former professional dancer, and 34 year veteran of film and video production, George Young has been writing novels since his undergraduate days at Ursinus College.  Since all four novels defy categorization, as does George, he has taken it upon himself to ignore tradition, and not become part of any club that would have him as a member.

The Google Earth Murders


I'd start with 'Jack's Back,' but that would be stupid . . . but true.

A Jack the Ripper copycat is attempting to duplicate the infamous Whitechapel murders of 1888. However this time the killer is in modern day southern Manhattan. 

And contrary to his notorious predecessor, Jack 2.0 (as the police have cleverly dubbed him) isn't murdering prostitutes. His victims this time are Millennials, considered by many to be equivalent to the Ripper's targets.


Roger Davenport, Manhattan ad guy, stumbles onto the killings while perusing Google Earth, but he's not seeing them AFTER they occur. Roger sees them minutes before they do.

Not huge problem except the police don't believe him, and Jack 2.0 who uses Google Earth to plan his murders, spots Roger photographing the sites of the killings.

Not good.

Il Professore


RJ Brancatelli, former Special Forces Officer and Bodyguard to heads of state, travels to 

Vladivostok to reunite with his long lost love, Tatiana. She has mysteriously appeared 

there after vanishing off Brighton Beach 25 years ago. But is it really Tatiana?

RJ wants to believe it is, but his friends and family are more cautious. His quick trip to retrieve Tatiana and return to New York City is not to be.

The local police department enlists his aid to help solve a couple of bizarre crimes. And while investigating them, RJ discovers more than just simple kidnappings and brutal murders.

He discovers the literal meaning of Vladivostok.

The End of All Things.

Kooktown, USA


How did San Francisco become the beacon of light that drew decades of Progressives to the Bay Area? How did it become the bastion of Liberal Thought?

The author's theory is that during the Gold Rush, when the city experienced exponential growth, the Circus came to town . . . 

. . . and all the freaks got out and polluted the gene pool.