The Google Earth Murders

Someone's duplicating the infamous Jack the Ripper Murders of 1888 Whitechapel.

The killing field this time is southern Manhattan.

But the victims aren't prostitutes. They're Millennials.

Who's next?

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The Google Earth Murders is War and Peace without all the Russians."




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George Young is a former professional dancer whose biggest claim to fame was being humiliated publicly by Bob Fosse during an audition for 'Dancin' He eked out a living as an actor/singer/dancer/waiter for five years before switching over to film and video production in 1984. He worked in the industry in New York City, toiling under the usual bunch of psychopathic East Coast commercial directors before relocating to San Francisco in 1988.

His meteoric rise in the industry continued for the next 30 years in the goofy confines of the most screwed up state in the union where he worked as an extremely successful line producer, assistant director and post supervisor on a variety of commercial, feature film and episodic TV shows. He grew bored with constantly beating the crap out of his competition in the field and returned to New York City in 2018 in order pursue a frustrating career in novel writing.

Wish him well, and buy his books so we don't have another bipolar, manic/depressive writer to institutionalize.​


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George Young

21 West End Avenue, Apartment 3610

New York, NY  10023

Tel 415.730.3651

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